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How Artists Can Make a Little Extra Money with Side Gigs

Brittany Fisher | 21 Sep 2021

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Starting a side gig is beneficial in many ways, especially the extra income. As an artist, it's easy to find a niche related to your passion. The aim is to find the appropriate audience who require your skills to meet their needs or solve a problem.

If you use the skills you already have, a side gig can be a fulfilling experience that provides an outlet for your creativity. With the current technology and the rising demand for gig workers, it's easy to start a lucrative side hustle.

Since it mainly involves freelance work, you'll have the freedom to create your schedule and make decisions that allow you to pursue your passion.

If you’re an artist looking for ways to earn a living without giving up on your career, here are some ideas that will be worth your while.

Brand Ambassador

Becoming a brand ambassador is one way to earn income on the side. Basically, you'll get hired to promote brands and create a positive public image. As an artist, you may already have a growing fan base, so it’s easy for them to relate to your message.

Companies can use their talents and capabilities to promote their products and events.

The best part about becoming a brand ambassador is the flexibility that comes with the job. You’re able to work during your free time and get paid per day.

Voice-Over Work

Voice-over acting allows you to tap into your artistic side by creating different voices for various characters. Besides being a fun job, you can do it from any location. This is especially great if your artistic career requires traveling.

Some companies use the services of voice actors, be it for radio, TV, or the internet. You’ll help to create audiobooks for kids or make cartoons and commercials.

So, where can you begin? Per Master Class, the first step is to create a voice-over demo, either in a professional recording studio or at home. All you need is a quality microphone and a good set of headphones. Then, for your demo, record the various voices you can do to use in auditions.

Creating Online Courses

Creating courses to sell via online learning forums allows you to monetize your expertise. It could be anything you're skilled at, such as life coaching, public speaking, or coming up with proposals.

Be ready for much initial work, as you'll need to record video lectures, create a syllabus, and come up with content and assignments. Next, all you’ll need to do is post your course online and start earning from the sales. You’ll receive a percentage from the sales, plus royalties based on the duration of time your videos get watched.

Bear in mind that if you are making video recordings of your studio space, you’ll want to portray an agreeable atmosphere. Keep the area bright, tidy and clean, and consider adding a few houseplants if you don’t already have some. The little touch of greenery will give the space a positive lift, and can even contribute to your air quality.

Offer Clients Online Consultation

As an artist, you can offer your skills through online consultation and coaching clients. Some skills on demand include branding, social media management, marketing, creative writing, and graphic arts. You simply register as an expert, and clients will find you. Alternatively, you can place bids on jobs that are available.

Identify an area with a gap in the industry to give you ideas on how to market yourself. You’ll get paid based on the time you spend talking to clients online or on the phone. Real Ways to Earn Money Online explains there are some platforms where clients pose questions and experts place bids to answer them.

To have a streamlined revenue source, turn your side gig into a small business. It will give you more financial stability and the ability to plan. For instance, with a registered company, you can access business loans to grow your brand. To help you run the business, you may need to hire a small team on a freelance or permanent basis.

Keeping track of your employees' working hours is vital. For a start, you can use an Excel spreadsheet. It comes with some templates that can assist you in setting up. As you transition to hiring more staff, it's a good idea to use an automated system for more accuracy.

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